Friday, May 14, 2010

World Cup Globalization when the World Is Flat

As World Cup is getting nearer, let's blog about it then!

Have you ever read a book named the World is Flat? It's a nice book to read if you are free. So, what happen as globalization is getting more and more advance now?

Let's see!

Sorry~ I am not going to post you some picture of Cristiano Ronaldo

Maybe USB?
Football player model USB pendrive!

Anyone can join World Cup in this flat world.

You can join!

 Nelson Mandela can join~

 We can join too!!

Actually, to participate in World Cup 2010, you just need to prepare some things as stated as below:

A Wii from Nintendo
A rope from grocery shop
A TV, ooppss..Maybe this is too old to get it...^^
And of course, 2010 FIFA World Cup Wii disc!!

When you have all these,
even an office lady can participate in the office!

But one WARNING I need to warn you!

NEVER loosen your Wii!! Or else you will face cracked TV like this!!

Let's Wii!!

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Glo-w~* said...

i went ouch at the last pic ;p