Friday, May 22, 2009

15/5/09 Part II

張主任fetch me from school at about 1615 hours. He is worried that I will be late so he drove quite fast compared with normal speed when going down a slope. He shared with me about Taiwan especially the aborigines' culture in our teaching area. I also shared with him about Malaysia. We reached 竹東(Zhu Dong) station at 1705 hours.

I am still the earliest to be there so I went for a stroll until Cheng Cheng(The other Malaysia trainee from UM) arrived. Both of us went to buy pearl milk tea. The salesperson ask me want medium or large? Big pearl or small? Sugar or less sugar? Ice or less ice? LoL! In Malaysia when you ask for Pearl milk tea, I guess they will just give you one without question. Haha! After meeting Darrien and Peter who reached at around 1815 hours, they told us that the shop we went for Pearl milk tea is one of the best in Taiwan as they have many outlets just like Starbucks. Cool! Darrien bid us farewell as he can't join us to the farewell party. So 3 of us took a bus to Taipei.

My bus pass which need to be returned when leaving the bus. It costs us NT$ 140 per person.

After one hour plus, we reached there at 2010 hours.

Taipei main station - They have bullet train, train and MRT service here.

It means the toilet bowl seat's being clean with alcohol every 10 minutes so it's safe to be seated.

This is their 7-Eleven. A lot of variety? That's why the lady behind having problem in choosing what she wanted. Haha!

Sean(Taiwan's) meet us there and we took MRT to Taipei Zoo Station.

Normally in Malaysia we buy ticket, but here we bought token. When we want to enter, we need to scan the token just like we use Touch n Go in Malaysia.

Sean(Taiwan's) in a call.

This is the machine to scan the token. But as we are leaving, we just insert the token into the machine. Cool?

After meeting up with 政大 AIESECers, we temporary leave the pub to grab some food and also leave the smoky area.

First, at 2141 hours we bought 鹽酥雞(salted, spiced, fried chicken) and fried squids. After that, we walked to Mc Donald and chit chat with 文化大學 AIESECer, 清華大學 AIESECer and us Malaysia's trainees.

This is another trainee whom Evan mentioned to me, she is another trainee from UPM, Malaysia.

My first apple pie

Back to the pib at 2313 hours, we were forced to pay NT$ 150 for a drink although some of us don't want. So, I ordered a Tequila and guess what? It is really low standard!! Too watery and taste like detergent. Normally it should be served in glass and the volume is very low. But this, it is served in plastic cup and the volume is about 250 ml. I did not finish even half of the cup as it is really disgusting. Anyway, we learnt a new word '閃', meaning that the two are couples.

This is the lousy shop, don't ever come here if you are visiting Taiwan. This is based on my own experience.

We leave the place at 2346 to catch the last MRT. At first we took a taxi, 6 of us - 2 in the front passenger seat and 4 behind. The two in front(both guys) looked so closed! hahaha! After a while, the driver requested us to reduce our passengers as in front there is roadblock by policemen. So, three of us decided to take a walk instead of cramp inside the taxi. After meeting up with them in the MRT station, only 2 of us [Sean(Taiwan's) and Sean(me)] able to enter the last MRT as others were late. We go all the way to 劍潭Station.

Snapped for PpWen..Haha..

After we reached at 0048 hours, we have a short walk into 士林夜市(Night Market).

Thinking of who?

We just managed to walk a very short distance as the others are about to reach. But I guess the night market is really very huge compared with our pasar malam here. Finally, the group reach 劍潭 by taxi and once again the two - Sean(Taiwan's) and Darren(文化大學) are squeezing in front all the way to 陽明山, 文化大學. The girls stay at the girl's dormitories while I sleep at Ah B's room. About 0240 hours we sleep after shower and so.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

15/5/09 Part I

Personal alarm clock rang in my mind at 0500 hours again! Force myself to get back to sleep until 0715 hours then wake up to prepare for school. Carried my camera while walking to school and snap several pictures and flowers. Good news! 張主任 will fetch me to 竹東(Zhu Dong) later. Woohoo! This morning got a student bring me breakfast some more. Am I a good teacher? haha! And you know what? It's Roti Canai or known as 蔥油餅(Onion oil biscuit) in Taiwan because this is one of their 小吃. Cool! 1030 hours, my first English class started. It's a combination of Standard 1 and 2 as Standard 1 only have 5 students in total. First class is greeting class. The feedback I got is pretty good but I was told by the teachers I have to be more fierce if my students are from Standard 6. I guess I will have my way of handling my students :)

1336 hours, they have an earthquake emergency escape route practice. Haha!

The start of the practice...Drum beats as the alarm...

Beware...Earthquake is coming...Soldier, Go! Go! Go! Protect the country!!

Hide under the table!!

Escape happily!!

It gotten more troublesome when H1N1 and earthquake attack at the same time...

Snipe him down.. Lol

Cool! Haha..


The Happy Teachers

Different emotions

Our kitchen's nutritionist! She takes care of my meals!

Got punished...Lol!

The cowboy behind??

Stunt show

Let's do it together!

1450 hours, 張主任treats me 臭豆腐(Stinky Tofu), it tastes spicy but not that stinky though.

Shots in Jing Ping Elementary School

Here are some other shots I took in the school. More to come...Stay tune!

Before class, their morning session of school and class cleaning that I mentioned earlier in my previous post.

曾先生- He helped me a lot when I moved into my house. Thank you very much! 謝謝曾先生!

Remember to wash your hands often. They practice this not only during this H1N1 season but since long time ago. Very good!

葉老師 and 張主任 who helped me a lot too!

This is funny. 舒淇(Shu Qi) under the number plate. What if when he/she speeds, then her picture will be taken? Haha..

One of the very good student in school.

Hardworking ain't them?

They are the 播音小天使, announcing what we have in today's lunch. Cool!