Saturday, May 07, 2011

6th May, 2011 - This is not a religious post

Today, thanks to my senior, as he brought me out to hunt for lunch and a little tour around Checheng county.

Ok, I know I look kinda silly with this helmet...
And why I say this is not a religious post is because the pictures below. Most of them are taken in an Taoist temple which is pretty famous there. That's a local 土地公 temple but it is damn huge (5 storey)! According to my senior, normally 土地公 temple is quite small as it only a representative of the city/county itself.

On the way from NMMBA to Checheng...Let's get on the bike!

Hot Spring in such a weather???
This is the gateway to the temple(Taken from the temple side)
P/S: This is really not a religious post...

They have indoor scooterpark for the scooters!!
Stage for performances

I was told that people buy themselves a place(the small boxes) so that they will be protected by the god..
Sorry, I don't believe this...


Decoration on the ceiling...

Deco again... I wonder how much they spent for all these?

According to my birth year, I was told by my senior my 'protector' is General Zhao
This is that General... Some people put money in the drawer as offering to them for protection...

The altar..

Those sculpture need to be protected from visitors' damage.. >.<
Back to my lunch...
And famous ice kacang (Something like that) from this area..
This is it!
Taiwan Food News

Friday, May 06, 2011

5th May, 2011

Hmm.. Today we got up really early to do our weekly task - monitor LiST for Anderson. LiST here stands for Light intensity, Salinity & Temperature(easier for me to remember).

Shereen showing her measuring skill now...

 Some shots around the area...

Scene from the laboratory
That's part of the Aquarium
Flowers outside the front door of my laboratory
Shereen with the flowers..
Blue sky with an aeroplane..
Did I just photographed you?
They are collecting coral eggs during spawning in the night...
Dinner time! Cooked by the Malaysians next door.....

4 of them from UMT
Roommate 1: CK
Roommate 2: Wei Xian(sorry if I spelt wrongly)
That's all for today!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

4th May, 2011 - 2nd day work

Entering the 2nd day of work here... Once again, starts with breakfast!

Bacon Toast
Work started...

Our supervisor shown us an example of tank that we need to set up here..
Arrangement of the stones...
The final result of our work
Porcupine? haha... It's sea urchin...
Soft corals
This is also part of our work to remove the algae from the corals hanging there..
Tanks that we need to measure light intensity...Hourly from 7am till 6pm...
Me measuring the intensity XD
Me measuring the salinity and water temperature...
Guess what? They are doing photosynthesis...
They are 水母 o...
Another project.. Photograph them weekly... Rotate them as well as light intensity might be different at different location..
Food time!
Taking shots on the specimen
Meteor garden??
We didn't stay here... Just check out the place..

Heard that it is very famous here..

Shereen in the toilet... Lol...
Dinner place...
With Shereen
Hsiao Hsin and teacher...
Night view..
快乐鸟地方 heard that this is famous too...
We are here to get our jumbo pearl tea..
Jumbo enough? But the taste still far behind my 50岚...
Dinner time!
Mine... Prawnball noodle...
Hsiao Hsin's
That's the end of the day... ^^ How do you think about my internship here? XD