Thursday, February 05, 2009

Nonsensical Lecture

Today, my lecturer of TITAS actually showed us a video clip about 911 case few years back. The video is very likely edited or should I say purposely designed to create confusion among people and arouse the hatred especially the Muslims. Why I said this? It is because they provide a lot of "evidence" or unclear information to the people. Such as saying the Americans are the one who planned the bombing. Saying that they actually bombed the towers down by themselves. The explosion is by the American not because of the hijacked plane crash towards the towers. How sure you are that who is actually the mastermind behind this attack? Will the Americans sacrifice that huge amount of people's lives and at the same time create such an economy downturn during the year of 2001? Well, I do not mean that it is not Americans' doing or which terrorist group's doing. What I want to bring out here is, do think before you do anything. For a lecturer, you should know the consequences if this video(whether it is truth or otherwise), it will create havoc and also hatred from the students against another party. Although in the end, he said it is not the Americans' fault but a group of the Jewish from America. Again, how sure you are it is their fault? Is it because last time it is that small amount of that group attacked Nabi and made you have such perception? What is important here is no longer whose fault or who we should blame, but how can we prevent this to happen again! I guess I have said enough here and gotta rush for my assignments already. Ciao!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Are You?

Confuse in Life?
When things you have suddenly disappear?
When you are sure it will be yours but it just did not go your way?
When you thought it can be yours after you work for it but it did not happen?
When you are unsure what's the result will be?
When you are afraid of losing something?
When you do not know what you want actually?
When you are afraid of hurting people who are close to you?

Well, I guess many of us met at least one of this problem. Sometimes it is very funny, we feel weird when things go too smoothly. We tend to think what will happen right after the "happy" period. Do you? That's the funny part of human. I do not know whether it is pessimistic side of human when we tend to worry or think too much in advance. It's not saying that thinking few steps ahead is a bad thing. Just that, we should appreciate what we have now and strive right now rather than worrying what will happen. If...If we do our part now, then, there should not be too much to worry about. If we want things to go on our way, we just need to be strong in our own core. Then, only we have the capability to change the surrounding as we attract all the positive forces to assist us. I just like it to be simple. I am satisfied with it being simple. I just enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks to my comfortable cloudy shelter which never leave.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Night Scenery of Malacca

During this CNY, I did went out with my relatives to snap some night scenery of Malacca. If you are expecting close up view of EOM, maybe not this time as I have not been there myself. Haha. Maybe next time. But now, do enjoy the pictures and leave comments.

This is Kampung Morten. Lighted up!

The special effect I created manually using my E-410

The fortress.

Do you see that lighted tower behind? That's Menara Taming Sari.
It rotates 360 degree horizontally so that people could see the complete view of Malacca.

Do you see the half lighted circle in the middle? That's Eye On Malaysia!

Another special effect - Wave

Hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Wonderful Night

Although it is just a couples of hour
I am satisfied
I enjoyed the whole night

Three hours
Although we didn't do much things
A pleasant dinner
An enjoyable stroll

I guess
That's what I am looking for
Yet meaningful

Thanks ...