Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Best Present Ever...

18th June, 2008. Today is my 20th Birthday!!

Just finish celebrating with one of my friend. Really appreciate this outing as I really enjoy every single moment. Especially when we are "fanned" by natural wind and "entertained" by waves. Thanks!! Surprisingly, I also gotten birthday presents. The first present I got for my 20th Birthday, you should be proud of it. Haha. Don't worry, it fits me and the handmade ones are even better. It's really tasty you know, no joke. So sweet of you doing that for me.

Sorry, the colour runs as I used phone camera to take the pic...

Well, when I back from celebration. I am well prepared to check my university intake result. And, here comes my best present- I got my first choice which is in UKM! I am going to study Marine Science there, and hopefully able to make a significant change to the Environment, especially marine life. Humans, stop damaging the environment! Save them while saving us!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Besut Sakura Seafood Restaurant

Well...As promised to the ladyboss of the restaurant that we went during our Perhentian journey, I am here to blog about it. This restaurant provides super delicious seafood to us which really satisfy us well. It's located near the jetty area, just opposite the stalls where you bought souvenirs. Let me show you some pictures....

Here's the food...yummy!! We have FISH in really thick, juicy sauce; Specialty EGG which can only be found here; Sweet Sour CHICKEN which really appetites me; and not forgetting vegetables!

We also took a group picture with boss and ladyboss of the shop...

Well, I would like to include their contact details here.
Allen Chan(the son who is working in Arwana Resort, Perhentian): 012-962 3911 or 017-926 9398
You can also directly call to the shop: +609- 697 4831.
The restaurant address is
No. 131 Jalan Besar
Kuala Besut
22300 Terengganu

p/s: Heard that Allen is doing Holiday Package for travelers who wish to go to Perhentian Island, Rawa Island, Lang Tengah, Redang Island and Marine Park. You might wish to contact him if you do not have any ideas in arranging a trip there...

I will definitely go there again to eat during my next visit to Perhentian or Redang!