Saturday, May 10, 2008

Swimming Lesson

This is the place where I challenging myself now. I am determined to conquer the water and at least know the basic of swimming. And soon, I would like to get my PADI license. My current resolution--Victory in all aspects and never fail!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Blackberry 7100g

Here is the Blackberry device-7100g.(Sorry for the low quality picture again) Borrowed it from my company, Sudong aka Singtel in Singapore. Just to feel how is the device like and what are the functions. I believe I learnt the most compared to my other friends who joined the company together. I have a great team to work with, sporting yet kind enough to teach you all their knowledge. Really having fun working there and gain a lot of experience in handling tough customer and also problem solving.

Milky Cheesy Spaghetti

Just to share a product of mine, Milky Cheesy Spaghetti. Picture snapped with cell phone. Sorry for the low quality.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My first.....

Well, not first kiss...But, first swimming lesson.

Kinda surprise? Maybe you are not surprising on the first lesson, but surprised why am I still alive?? haha..well..Kinda shy also only learn...But, at least I learn right...

When I reach there, my instructor, Mr. Neo, asked me to jump into the water to check whether I phobia to the water or not. So, I did jump.. Looks okay...

But, not for long..haha..He asked me to kick the water, but I don't understand why my legs just can't move up to the water level. More like I am kicking the floor to move forward.(The pool is not that deep to me) Haiz..

The real class started. He put me into a bunch of girls..."so lucky" right?? haha..But too bad, can't show off...Coz I am the worst there. Haha..Well..He kept saying, "Mr Tham, I don't see the bubbles..Kick the water...Don't lose to the girls or else you will be wearing bikini..." Hahah...Then, he also said, "Mr Tham, your butt is still very heavy..You have to work harder..I don't know whether I can finish the lesson for you since you are going for studies already..You should have come earlier"...Well again, not I don't want to..But I just don't know...So, I will give my very best now...Pray hard la heh...hahaha

Didn't notice the time run so fast, 2100hours already!?!?! Oh, I missed my narrators' training meet...Hope I can study the materials all by my own and understand them just like other narrators do...And even better than others..Yeah! That's the spirit..Okay...Time for me to stop..See you all( my fellows reader)...Don't laugh d kay, you know who I meant..

Monday, May 05, 2008


And still laughing...
With our mascot of the day~Farah....
And also with her rakan sebaya sekalian...
The Finale Group Picture...
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You know what it is?!?!? YuMMy!!
We are at Nando's
We are enjoying ourselves...
And laughing all the way...
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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Graduation from Rookies

We have sandwiches here, choc cakes, colorful cakes and fruit tarts

One of my trainer, Justina.

Our master of ceremony alongside with our awards... Yippie!!

That's me on the right!!
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Happy Birthday Mum

Choc Chips Cheesecake...It really melt in your mouth...Yum Yum
The Red Family...
Opening Ceremony of the cake!! Happy birthday again!!
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The Red Day??

Dad, Mum and Xiao Xi
Seafood Baked Carbonara
Thai Fried Rice
Fish and Chips
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