Saturday, May 14, 2011

Volcano chocolate cake review: 一森手工烘焙坊 - 火山巧克力蛋糕

Today I am going to review on this 火山巧克力蛋糕 from Tai Chung.

This is it... 6 in a box...

Hand made by Easen

Some chicky, kitty and rabbity on the paperbag...

4 laboratory trainees, bought 5 boxes...

Courier in low temperature right to our research centre...
Well... I have tried one... Maybe it's my mistake that I did not let it heat up a little bit longer in the oven before consuming it... To me... The money paid doesn't worth it lo... Sad to say... I have one more in the refrigerator... I shall try it tomorrow and see how it goes =)

12th May 2011: Sashimi

Today, the diving master suddenly inform us that we will be going to dive in another hour but not tomorrow. Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly...

Sorry that I do not have any underwater shots yet but let me show you pictures of CHEAP sashimi after my first dive in Taiwan!

The stall that we went.. I visited this place twice a day.. One for lunch and another for dinner...
Why I visit so many times?
Because it is real cheap~ RM10 I can get about 18-19 pieces...
Our icebox in the lab

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

110511, Sunset shots...

Today, we have finished the lighting setting for all 6 mesocosm tanks. VERY tiring. And one more shocking news(not about the 'Taiwan splitting to two prediction') but the missing of 4 buckets of corals.

As I do not have much to upload nor write about... Here's some shots for today's sunset.

Captured on 18:12 hours, 11.05.11



Aiks... Just realised my Copyright symbol changed to '?' instead... Nvm lah...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

8th May 2011, Part II: Er Luan Bi Lighthouse

After resting and chatting under the shade, we continue to Er Luan Bi~

God bless the marine system...
While waiting for sunset here.. I walk around the 'restricted area' to take some pictures..
Love in the air..
Stranger and the sea..
CK and the sea...
That's it! Well... I guess it's getting harder and harder to post new stuff here as we didn't tour around that much... :'( I'll try to update as soon as new stuff is discovered!

Monday, May 09, 2011

8th May 2011, Part I: Kenting National Park

It's SUNDAY!!I joined the other group of friends to Kenting National Park and ...(Stay tune) for the day. The whole journey is about 11 hours 20 mins.

Let's start with breakfast!

I ate a simple breakfast here..
Alright, we have reached! Let the pictures do the talking :)

The shop here is selling camera battery, films, and polaroid XD
That's the famous frog rock... I actually saw something similar at Jianshi, Hsinchu county but it is way smaller...
New friends found..
We paid NTD 75 to enter...
Plenty of them in the forest..
I don't know why its name is this... Dog that bites human...
Ah Ma!
Family outing

In the bat's cave
Guess what?
We are in the fairy's cave... It's so cooling down here...
There's suppose to have monkey... but none spotted..
Silver Dragon Cave!

Part II coming up shortly... :)

 The Scenic Spots of Kenting National Park: Interpretive Book Series No. 2