Sunday, May 08, 2011

7th May 2011, Part II: National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium

National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium (NMMBA) the place I am currently having my industrial training. This is the first time entering it itself as all these while I am in the research centre instead.

Three of us with the NMMBA stamp of the day!
Woohoo~~ They are not real anyway XD
Thought of my mom looking at it...
Mr Diver is cleaning the aquarium...
They are huge! I believe you have seen the video in my tumblr post here?
One of my favourite shot... Nice?
Like this too~
Giant squid~
Huge tank~
I didn't intend to shoot this.. But the outcome is cool~
I guess this fish just cheated the other fish (Story of Pinocchio)
Just outside my laboratory...
My lab got an amazing view isn't it?
We spent too much, less than RM 100 though for the day.. So, we cook for the first time here!
Hehe.. Stay tune for more updates! Real soon!

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