Friday, November 21, 2008

A post about my alma mater

Yea.. I visited my primary school(SJKC Pay Fong II) weeks ago(now only blog about it)...haha..sorry ya.. they have a charity fair there(selling food, stationary, tech stuff..and even toiletries..swt)

Let me introduce...this is my class teacher...I call her Lai Lao Shi... Just imagine that..she taught me for the whole 6 years in primary, from 1A to 5A then continue 6U... my hand writing, behaviour..all she knows..and..she still remember me..even say are still so skinny..haha

Next..introduce my niece...She is helping out there(Kepoh in another word) selling Tom Yam Bi Hun and Tom Yam Sauce..I guess the sales not bad...since she is a great seller(shouter..hehe)
Her result not bad also...First in class and 2nd in whole primary 3...She is always proud to tell everyone...hahaha...So...I just help her to tell the world...

That's all for now...Till next time

Bill Gates Having Financial Problem?

Look at this...Microsoft Hardware selling Mee Goreng?

Bill Gates having financial problem or getting side income?

Well..can't deny being a hawker, you can earn a lot...get yourself a BMW...haha...

Bill Gates response to me! What happens to Microsoft now??

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shot of the day

I found you,
Out of so many

I reach you,
Before raindrop hurts you

I capture you,
To show to the world

I want you,
To be always in my heart

Hehe..Found this in the Botanical Garden, Malacca. Went to visit my fellow scouts and teachers just now in there. Then, was a little bit bored. So, I decided to take a stroll around there and got this shot before rain comes. Enjoy..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Art Exhibition

Haha...before I got back to Malacca. I brought my family to another art exhibition at Wisma Kebudayaan SGM. This is a chinese calligraphy & art exhibition. Mind you, each of the cost RM 800 and above(if not mistaken, the most expensive piece is RM 4000)

I like this shot a lot..taken by my dad

One of the largest piece there... Cool huh..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grandma's Birthday

Welcome! To my Grandmother's 85th Birthday Celebration at Hee Lai Ton, Shaw Parade.

We are singing birthday song together-gather..

Blow the cake!

Cut the cake together-gather

And this is my dad...Another photographer..

Our family group photo(some not present today as they are outstation)

Now, something more serious happened...Only faced this problem here...
Look at the cake!! Nice right??

But, after their waitress cut it for turned out to be....

Like this...OmG! Do they know how to cut a cake?!?! It ruined my appetite...

In the end, we found out that.... They cut the cake with....

Not a knife or any cake-slicer...

They use chopsticks!!!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Italian Art & Photo Exhibition

Here is my post.. But, I can't tell you the name of each art here(forget to bring my art book with me..hehe) Hope you enjoy the arts!

This is the building that I am going for the exhibition- Wisma Kebudayaan SGM

Here is it!

All the art work here, is being created by a technique known as Etching. Very impressive as they use strong acid to cut into copper plate, then only print in onto the paper. And some of them, they only print 10 pieces. Very limited.

Here they are....

This is metamorphosis, kinda learn that in my Geology class this semester.

The below is Dragon as mentioned here... Look like one?

Well...after whole day there... In the end I met up with heavy rain(due to that dragon??)
Look at that...the flood...I don't even dare to move as I do not want to dirty my new sport shoes...haiz

Will be posting my latest holiday event to you soon...Probably tomorrow after I reach home?

New Haircut!

At here!

Haha..Just kidding...
Taken a shot of this just to show my surname...hehe...
It's quite a famous art craft shop in China
I gotten my haircut from Michael & Guys, Berjaya Times Square

This is a picture of me before the haircut, after they washed my hair and massaged my stressful head... haha...
My hair stylist is Yubi, who off on every Thursday...
Wait..why am I doing ad for her here??

Nah, never mind... This is my end product...TaaDaaa...

In my next post, I should be posting my visit to an Italian Art & Photography Exhibition.
Stay tune!