Friday, November 21, 2008

Bill Gates Having Financial Problem?

Look at this...Microsoft Hardware selling Mee Goreng?

Bill Gates having financial problem or getting side income?

Well..can't deny being a hawker, you can earn a lot...get yourself a BMW...haha...

Bill Gates response to me! What happens to Microsoft now??


Jason Law said...

I can't imagine one day if bill selling hawker food under his company...loL...Microfood?

Joon Hao said...

haha..all the Micro series? Will there be Windows Hawker?

TNH said... people always do many investment to get more wealth..this might be one of the investment he think got potential..wakaka

Kaelyn said...

that was a very funny shot!! *laughing*
Where was the shop situated? hahah~! so cute!! ^-^
anyway, global economy is not so stable now so i guess Bill gates finding a new path to maintain his incomes! hahah~! :P

Joon Hao said...

somewhere in Cheras..hehe..
Yea..Global financial problem arise..
Americans facing jobless situation..