Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shot of the day

I found you,
Out of so many

I reach you,
Before raindrop hurts you

I capture you,
To show to the world

I want you,
To be always in my heart

Hehe..Found this in the Botanical Garden, Malacca. Went to visit my fellow scouts and teachers just now in there. Then, was a little bit bored. So, I decided to take a stroll around there and got this shot before rain comes. Enjoy..


Kaelyn said...

EH..u like going to all thsi exhibition why never ask one ar? give la info... hahah~!
btw, the poem is beautiful n simple. U wrote tat or u copy paste one?
hahahha~! nice.. ^-^
Got hidden meanings for anonymous one isit?
ur dream girl probably? hahah~! ^-^
well, have a wonderful holiday and keep updating nice shots! ^-^
take care!

Joon Hao said...

u nvr ask..haha..
poem i write de ler...
copy and paste later ppl say i copycat, not sincere to my readers...