Friday, November 21, 2008

A post about my alma mater

Yea.. I visited my primary school(SJKC Pay Fong II) weeks ago(now only blog about it)...haha..sorry ya.. they have a charity fair there(selling food, stationary, tech stuff..and even toiletries..swt)

Let me introduce...this is my class teacher...I call her Lai Lao Shi... Just imagine that..she taught me for the whole 6 years in primary, from 1A to 5A then continue 6U... my hand writing, behaviour..all she knows..and..she still remember me..even say are still so skinny..haha

Next..introduce my niece...She is helping out there(Kepoh in another word) selling Tom Yam Bi Hun and Tom Yam Sauce..I guess the sales not bad...since she is a great seller(shouter..hehe)
Her result not bad also...First in class and 2nd in whole primary 3...She is always proud to tell everyone...hahaha...So...I just help her to tell the world...

That's all for now...Till next time


chen said...

hey..i was from SJKC Pay Fong 2 too!but i like never see ur Lai Lao Shi before le..probably never taught by her.haha!My favourite teacher was Shu Lao Shi..noe her?she's damn nice!i miss my primary skul life so long never back there d.De last time i went there is to take report card for my younger brother.But then he had graduated from de skul d.Lol

btw..ur niece damn cute!im sure ur sales will lose to her if u are selling too!hahaha

KarenQ said...

did you manage to get lai lao shi's contact number?
let's ask her out in dec!

Joon Hao said...

karen: no le..she is super busy that time..

KarenQ said...

can try to ask your niece to get it pls?
i really need it

Joon Hao said...

now holidays liao ler..

Canaan said...

hey bro....juz read ur mail...i miss PF2 very very much...missed the days i was beaten by lai lao shi..;-)..u so lazy to finished her work tat time...+_+"