Tuesday, June 09, 2009

200509 Part I

As I am busy with some presentation thingy here in Taiwan, so my blogging time decreases.

This is my part I journey on 20th May 2009 around my 'kampung' in Taiwan. Kampung meaning village in Malay language.

St. Francis Kindergarten near my house and school.

The inner compound

Pointing the lane to my house

I went for a little adventure to cross this hanging bridge to another part of the hill

Centre of the hanging bridge

Remember few posts back, the windmill? Here is the location of the windmill, it's actually a garden and cafe.

I went up there to have a look too... :)

This place is also an art gallery.

All painted by the owner - Mr. Pan. Not Wilber Pan, okay?

Mr. Pan. He learnt photography when he was young. But now he wanted to challenge himself, so he change the art into drawings. Quite a nice person and also keep asking me to find a girlfriend in Taiwan as he said Taiwan got many girls. LOL!

A shot by Mr. Pan

Black Forest

The dog who accompanied me to dark forest. The dog just followed me wherever I go when I leave Mr. Pan's place

Although the road of life might be blurry, but as we can see, the handle is clear.
We just need to take one step by one step, we will be able to see our path clearly.
A goal can be set, but you can change it as you can see a clearer image after every step you move.
No one can predict your success or failure, but only you yourself.

Hot spring... But I not even touch one till now...