Friday, September 05, 2008

Exam Fever..

Haizzzzz.... WHY LA EXAM!!

Very busy oh...and mentally not very well already... Flunk my Biology molecule paper yesterday...Tomorrow will be facing Geology somemore... OMG... Guess what? Have been studying the whole day, but how much enter I don't know. Because we have to read all the references in B.M.. While the books suggested by lecturers are in English... Crazy already... have to burn midnight oil again tonight... another few cups of green tea I guess.. haha..

Please input...input...input...and leave the output for tomorrow...not brain...listen to me...

Subang Trip - Full House, Baskin Robbins, Asia Cafe, Tai Thong Restaurant

Last Sunday, after the Merdeka Performance at Dataran Merdeka, I decided to make a trip to visit my ku cheah and ku cheong at Subang Jaya. After some packing, I get my butt into KTM asap. The trip was cool, never sit KTM that long before. From UKM to KL Sentral, then change to another KTM to reach Subang Jaya. The whole journey was about 1 hour. Once I reach, my ku cheong came to get me from Carrefour bus stop.

After hanging around in the house for a moment, we went to Full House for dinner. Hmmm... The shop is featuring "Full House"- the Korean Movie..
The shop's design is also very "Full House".

The food there quite nice, just the serving size is quite small(not really suit a BIG eater like me unless I have money to order and order and order again...haha)

Then, I followed my cousin to Baskin Robbins to get our ice creams!! Well, we spent RM 126++ for ice creams for one night I guess.. Haha.. While we are queuing up for the ice cream(as there is special promo each month), one of the staff shouted, "who ordered 10 1/2 gallons ice creams?" - WoW, that is crazy! Just imagine how big is the freezer in his/her house..I still can't imagine anyway.... After some rest at home, we went out again to Asia Cafe for our supper. I had a Vietnamese Beef Noodles and at the same time "curi" some Ikan Bakar from my cousin. The food there not bad, just the price is higher than Bangi standard. But quite worth it for the food!! Thumbs up!!

So, the next day..after finishing my pint of ice cream from Baskin Robbins and also Dim Sum as lunch from Tai Thong Restaurant, it's time for me to get back to UKM! Thanks to CK and CF ku cheah, not forgetting ku cheong, WJ, and S for the trip!! Banzai!!

Another Cat!!

Hi all,
Long time no update my blog already as the internet connection here was terrible and was quite busy with exams... This is another snapshot of a sleeping cat at KKM- Kolej Keris Mas, UKM. Haha...