Sunday, November 16, 2008

Italian Art & Photo Exhibition

Here is my post.. But, I can't tell you the name of each art here(forget to bring my art book with me..hehe) Hope you enjoy the arts!

This is the building that I am going for the exhibition- Wisma Kebudayaan SGM

Here is it!

All the art work here, is being created by a technique known as Etching. Very impressive as they use strong acid to cut into copper plate, then only print in onto the paper. And some of them, they only print 10 pieces. Very limited.

Here they are....

This is metamorphosis, kinda learn that in my Geology class this semester.

The below is Dragon as mentioned here... Look like one?

Well...after whole day there... In the end I met up with heavy rain(due to that dragon??)
Look at that...the flood...I don't even dare to move as I do not want to dirty my new sport shoes...haiz

Will be posting my latest holiday event to you soon...Probably tomorrow after I reach home?

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