Friday, May 06, 2011

5th May, 2011

Hmm.. Today we got up really early to do our weekly task - monitor LiST for Anderson. LiST here stands for Light intensity, Salinity & Temperature(easier for me to remember).

Shereen showing her measuring skill now...

 Some shots around the area...

Scene from the laboratory
That's part of the Aquarium
Flowers outside the front door of my laboratory
Shereen with the flowers..
Blue sky with an aeroplane..
Did I just photographed you?
They are collecting coral eggs during spawning in the night...
Dinner time! Cooked by the Malaysians next door.....

4 of them from UMT
Roommate 1: CK
Roommate 2: Wei Xian(sorry if I spelt wrongly)
That's all for today!

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