Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First morning in Taiwan..:)

After woke up from 元首飯店, I went to get my breakfast. 陽光早餐(Sunshine Breakfast) it's what they provide us, but it tasted awful... LOL! Hotel food, can't blame la..

This building is 國立清華大學 National Tsing Hua University(NTHU).

After 孫主任 - Chief Executive, picked me up from NTHU

On the road...To the nearest city 竹東

This is just in front of my hostel, very near right? But I wonder why 100公尺 = 200 metres as 公尺and metre should be the same unit. Haha..

Hsinchu Jing Ping Elementary School...

The office - As you see, there is 3 types of language on the board. First is Mandarin, then English and lastly their aborigine's language.

The playground and also quadrangle.

One of the classroom

孫主任 with my comforter and pillow.. LOL!

My bed!

My house!

My Car!! Haha..No la..belongs to my 主任.

His outfit cool? He is one of the student representative.

While accompany one of my student back to his house, then met another 2 students here.

And the shot of the day...
The aborigine's language for duck is GURU. Kinda dumbstruck by it as I come to Taiwan to become a teacher. For those who don't know guru is teacher in Malay language and 'duck' is male prostitute. LOL!!

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kaelyn said...

Hey JH! Say i never leave u message, so here i am to leave you some message lor.. haha~! :P

Your room look pretty "decent"! ahaha~! what do u mean by your house?
the whole house is yours? complete kitchen and all? haha~!:P looking really cool!

And the kids!! They are soooo adorable!!! i want to be student representative too!! super cool outfit!! haha~!

and guru!
that's cute!!
eh JH! duck can be decently define as just duck( the one with paddle-like feet) ok? not necessary to define "male prostitute"! (plus, a better word to define male prostitute is gigolo..:P) lol!!!