Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I woke up couples of time as I see the bright light leaking out from the windows in front of my bed. At that time, it was only 0530 hours! I force myself to get back to sleep until 0700 hours and wake up to school. 0725 hours, I reached the school and greeted some of the students and teachers. 0740 hours, music is on and students start to clean their classrooms and school compound. I guess, this might be a good thing to learn by our Ministry of Education, Malaysia, as we always study in a quite dusty and dirty surrounding. 0750 hours, it's our assembly. All teachers and students gathered in the quadrangle.

Morning assembly - My school, Jing Ping Elementary School, our assembly on every Tuesday and Thursday. There's live musical instruments performance as well just like my alma mater - St. Francis Institution, Malacca.

They sing national anthem and raise the national flag into the sky, waving high in the sky, showing their pride being the citizen of Taiwan, ROC.

As today is story-telling day, there's a student shared a story that he read previously during the assembly.

Next, the student representative came out and make some announcement then followed by the teacher-in-charge. Right after that at 0815 hours, all teacher gathered and we have a meeting until 0832 hours. Tomorrow I will have a class, yea.. My first class.. :)

Just after lunch, 5 students came and request to have a chat with them. They asked me a lot questions about Malaysia, our language and etc. Talking about lunch, we have white rice, pork, scrambled eggs, '滷' egg and egg soup. LoL! So 'eggy' today! Oh yea, as a Marine Science student from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), the school is requesting me to give them some info and decorate them on 4 big noticeboard. This is also because the Ministry of Education, Taiwan, started to promote marine studies and so coincidentally I am here to assist. Besides that, a teacher also requested me to teach the students here to play Sudoku as I am familiar with it.

View from my school. Cool?

The church oppposite my house.

Under construction

Beautiful flower in the greens.

The headmistress requested me to have a look on daily happenings in school and share with her my thoughts. I guess this is a good way of 2-ways communication and understanding.

Today got a bad headache, just like her. I don't know why as my rest is quite sufficient here. Went back to room to rest for 1 hour plus then wake up to reheat my dinner. After that, went back to school to online again. Haha.. Back to room at 2315 hours. Sleep!!


kaelyn said...

Mr. Tham!
What you doing when they are singing national anthem huh? taking pictures? you ar....bad role model! ish...

Btw, what story did the little boy told in the assembly? that's one really good tradition for a good start in the morning! Psst! Were the students listening with anticipation? ^-^ (the boy look so cute with the orange cap and cute!! haha~!:P)

How come your school view get to see such a beautiful view huh? very envious of you la!! >_<

Hmm..maybe i was influenced by emails.. i did have that typical thoughts that kids over there do not have enough of sweaters or clothes to keep them warm and maybe rags...but they look well-warmed.. which is a relief.. ^-^

It must be really cool being surrounded with curious kids with questions!
CUTE! haha~!


Joon Hao said...

There must have such sacrifice done by me to be labeled as bad role model in order to have pictures of them while singing national anthem mar...It's noble act okay?

The story about dunno what prince wan...ahha..his voice so soft...

More nicer view will be uploaded in few days time..haha...

Well..There is such place but not my place la.. Here got Joon Hao ler..where will let them feel the cold...I will warm them up with my heart...wahahhaa

kaelyn said...

noble act??
Only you could say that... -.-"

I bet you werent even concentrating...dun blame the boy over his voice.. Blek! hahah~! :P

"Here got Joon Hao ler..where will let them feel the cold...I will warm them up with my heart."
i didnt know your heart emit heat enough to warm the whole school!