Monday, May 18, 2009

Pictures of First Night in Taiwan!

Welcome to Tao Yuan, Taipei International Airport!!

Look at the promoters there, all wearing mask.. Help to prevent H1N1 virus!!

From left: Cheng Cheng, Me, Darrien and Roger

The transport I took to reach THSR Taoyuan Station

This is the station where we will get a ride on the fastest transport in Taiwan, their bullet train.

Err...What are they doing?? LOL...

We are taking the last train to Hsinchu, 23:22 hours will depart from our station.

This is the entry, some sort like Malaysia...

My first bullet train ticket..Haha..

Roger and Darrien

Darrien taking pictures of Cheng Cheng..haha

That's my bullet train!! woot!!!

The facilities darn amazing..there is phone service, vending machine, restrooms and so in the train. You can also buy set meals in the train. Feel like I am in a plane..haha..


The shuttle we took to reach National Tsing Hua University

The quiet station...As it is already midnight...

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