Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shots in Jing Ping Elementary School

Here are some other shots I took in the school. More to come...Stay tune!

Before class, their morning session of school and class cleaning that I mentioned earlier in my previous post.

曾先生- He helped me a lot when I moved into my house. Thank you very much! 謝謝曾先生!

Remember to wash your hands often. They practice this not only during this H1N1 season but since long time ago. Very good!

葉老師 and 張主任 who helped me a lot too!

This is funny. 舒淇(Shu Qi) under the number plate. What if when he/she speeds, then her picture will be taken? Haha..

One of the very good student in school.

Hardworking ain't them?

They are the 播音小天使, announcing what we have in today's lunch. Cool!

1 comment:

kaelyn said...

beautiful school you are teaching in! haha~!
曾先生 reminds me of my secondary school physic teacher..adorably cubby...:P lol!

o! that little boy in the soldier like clothes is so cute.. what is his name? u know? u ar..dun main-main snap a kid picture ok? they can sue you for their rights of privacy..

o.o! the two is black sweater and one in yellowish sweater, looking very...stylish...hahahhah~! 帅!!
The cubby one is sooo cute!! ^-^

And the 花中天使。。that's one nice shot!

And what the two teachers doing with the stick and the tree? cant define...

播音小天使..cute!! I will be looking forward to hear their voices everyday! hahaha~!

update!! ^-^