Sunday, May 09, 2010

Haiti Concert @ LimKokWing

Heal The World,
A peace initiative by LimKokWing University to support earthquake victims in Haiti.
I attended this months ago to do some charity for the victims there. Lighting is low and without a flashgun, so the picture might not be that sharp.
One of the very young youth who strive and be involved in this special event.
A local singer + guitarist.
Chris Brown?
No no no no no...
A very powerful singer.

From the rock band!

I don't remember his nationality, is it from Thailand?
As you can see there's a lot of his pictures here, he is quite a talented guy in music field.
This guy won a few awards before and got his single played in national radio before. Hope that I didn't remember wrongly.
Joon Hao is there! Peace initiative to Heal the World!

Although at first I thought there will be some MJ songs...Haha...

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