Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tech News: What? HD camcorder with interchangeable lens?!

Well well well, let's start with a bit introduction & history of camcorder. (not to bore you but for knowledge :D)

A camcorder (video camera recorder) is an electronic device that combines a video camera and a video recorder into one unit.

Camcorder was originally designed for television broadcasting which is damn bulky, huge and HEAVY. The TV crews uses 16mm film which need to be processed in the station and edit before it can be aired. So, normally the recording in early evening can only be aired on local news at 11pm. During this old days, the sarcastic idiom "film at 11" existed due to the slow process of the film.

But, as consumers are getting more and more demanding(I think everyone of us demands right?), the size of any digital items getting smaller and smaller AND more user friendly. From analog(those bulky VHS for example)  to digital(DVD, HDD, etc) and now, Sony presents you interchangeable lens HD camcorder(yay! it's High Definition)

Is the lens that important for a camcorder? I have wiki-ed it out for you :)

The lens is the first component in the light path.The lens controls optic in many ways
  • aperture or iris to regulate the exposure and to control depth of field(dof);
  • zoom to control the focal length and angle of view;
  • shutter speed to regulate the exposure and to maintain desired motion portrayal;
  • gain to amplify signal strength in low-light conditions;
  • neutral density filter to regulate the exposure
 Here, I have embedded the preview video of the SONY interchangeable lens HD camcorder. Have a look!

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