Friday, May 14, 2010

Moon Occults Venus this Sunday!

Hey guys!
Are you currently in Peninsular of Malaysia? Near to KL? Or even Kepong? Here is a great news to share with you!
We have this rare opportunity to witness a very unique spectacle, an occultation of the planet Venus by the Moon. Think of it as an eclipse of Venus, a brief time when the Moon's orbit blocks out brilliant Venus for about an hour. From here this Sunday (16 May) night in Malaysia the Moon and Venus will just be rising above the eastern horizon around 7:20 pm and by approximately 7:31pm the Moon will close in and cover the planet. The Moon will reveal Venus again at approximately 8:34pm.

Date : 16/05/2010 (Sunday)
Time : 6.30pm ~ 9.30pm
Event : Moon Occults Venus (free admission)
Venue : Open parking space beside chinese temple near FRIM, Kepong
Contact for more information : Mr. Pang 016-9531210, Mr. Mo 019-3520592 or Mr. Dick Yoo 012-2267063

Going? Newscutting in mandarin, sorry!


Nana Lana said...

kepong saja kah?

din heard jb got any place for tat SADZZZZZ

Joon Hao said...

try out those higher places? hill?