Saturday, May 15, 2010

South African Meal @ Ecoba by 7ASTE

Woopppsss...I attended the ECOBA night organized by 7ASTE!! My entrance and my sister's were free as we are members of If you aren't member, that night cost you RM 80.

Let's see some pictures of it :)

There's a few of these 'lanterns' outside of the ECOBA.
They were quite smart to get more crowds as they setup a few laptops out there to ask non-members to register so that they can enter without any fee.

There is a gateway(tunnel) after that to the registration desk.
As there was very crowded, we waited and waited for our turn to enter >.<

There's where we register to enter...
One of the gal there looks so familiar, was it you? haha..
Give you another shot... hehe...
Then we were given this  
wrist strip(my own term...haha) to be wear on.
ecoba, a place for you to eat, chill and oogle(Don't understand also)
I like this outside setting for few friends or couples to chill out... Looks romantic also... :D

Some shots of the area:

She is the emcee

The food over there, actually just to keep your stomach fill with something for the beer and wine >.<
I love this the most, a polaroid of my sister and I.


ohmywtf said...

nice ambience :-)

elynn-p :] said...

whoa, this is cool.

Soon Jeremy said...

wow, african food

PeeWeet said...

Hope cud try one day.....

Nana Lana said...

cool! d ambience seems nicey! esp. d outdoor seatings! yes, it looks so romantic! hehe!

btw, d emcee...8tv's Linda? dun rmbr her name. lolx

kenwooi said...

nice.. haha.. the place is nice.. and cool arrangement of the photos =)

jfook said...

Nice place/ :)