Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Words to share...

Sometimes when we were asked to do something, many of us will try to avoid all the hassles with a lot of excuses. But after I read the phrases below, we have to start. We must be the initiator to ask for tasks or problems to solve. Why? Every time when we have a lot of things need to be done, we will plan our time more cautiously and use it up to the max. And after each successive accomplishment we achieved, we are up to another level, we are even better than before!

It's now, not "oh, some time in the future," that we need to take action.
And it's ourselves and not, "ah, someone
else will do it," who must initiate
With strength and lightning speed,
let's all be victorious!

Well..I am a person who love dialogue. I love to dialogue with different people to get their point of views and to learn from each other. During each dialogue, you can know a lot of things, such as his/her way of thinking, his specialties on certain field and his perspective on some topics. We are talking based on our experience and exposure. If you are talking earnestly with a person with 10 or 20 years of experience on this field, you are actually learning the essence of his 10 or 20 years of encounters. So, we can get lots of benefits from dialogue.

Let's be really open and tell people how we feel and think
and engage in conversations with as many people as we can,
being as sincere as we possibly can.
Let's also make every effort to expand our circle of friends!
One single courageous "wave" will become ten thousand and more waves
leading towards absolutely overwhelming victories.

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