Sunday, September 07, 2008

Anwar: Sept 16(Hari Malaysia) takeover plan still on

Well well well.. Our Malaysia Day is coming soon, real soon.. I wonder will anything "special" happen on that particular day, or everything will just be normal.. According to the news, our new MP or former DPM, might create another history, a new PM of Malaysia after such a long time in jail. If that really happen, will there be a positive change?? Hmmm...such as this

Picture from Joon Hong's blog

Haha...just joking la.. if this really happens...I would say MIRACLE happens in Malaysia!! haha..
We shall wait and see.. But at the same time, get more food into your store, just in case...hahaha..


sarah said...

nothing happened..anwar said gota wait "for a while".wonder how long's "a while"..
maybe 916 as in Sep 2016?

Joon Hao said...

haha..well...he still saying gotta wait for a while as PM don't want to meet him..we wouldn't know the future..