Monday, September 15, 2008

Mooncake Festival at UKM

Mooncake festival is finally over(although some colleges in UKM still celebrating it at their place)! Last friday, I followed my seniors to Pesta Tanglung aka Mooncake festival at Dewan Kajang. This festival is organized by UKM, too bad I am too busy to participate as the committee. Haha.. Just gotten some snapshots there, just a little... Let's go!

Then, I was requested by my fellow collegemates to guess how many Hotlink bags were in the car...

Of course, not forgetting food...hahaha...

hehe..."lut lut" can either boil or even fried!!hmmm...reminds me of Capitol Satay Celup of Malacca...Never mind, I'm coming home soon...

This is my special waffle with Chocolate, raisin, butter, banana!! Also, I ate the 葉子媚大包 - the stall behind this waffle staff

Hehe...I met 常娥 who is my coursemate..

Lastly, before I leave... Green Box was there... many people were inside there singing, jumping, shaking, etc... the whole van was shaking up and down!!

That's all for today...The End

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