Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today, I met a group of seniors at Aminuddin Baki's Foyer after I came back from library. So, I sat down and chat with them. Three of them - Spaghetti, 師姐senior and 亂亂笑. Well, after a "while" of dialogue, Spaghetti said that she is hungry. So, we went upstairs for supper. While we were eating, 亂亂笑 suddenly came out with a very funny question. She asked me, "你可以知道我的名嗎?"- Literally meaning, "Can you know my name?". I find this darn amusing! Normally we will ask people, "Can we know your name?", but instead she asked me if I could know her name or not? Haha..What a day...

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