Monday, September 22, 2008


Yeah! Finally I am back home! Have waited for this day for very long as I was very busy back then, with academics, club and SGM activities. So, finally I am back yesterday!! WooHoo~~

After so long, finally I get my hot shower(anyway already get used to the shivering cold water in UKM..haha). Actually, holiday is not really holiday for me. There is a lot of tasks for me to do, such as helping mum in the family, research on A. planci by reading some books that I borrowed from PTSL, finish reading HR vol. 7, etc...etc...

Yesterday night, also spent some time looking back those pictures taken with my dearest brother when he came back to Malaysia. I miss him a lot, please come back longer next time and have more quality time with us... We miss you... Hope to visit you in Japan one day... That will be great for a family I guess... Take care yourself as we will take care of ourselves at home!!

A picture with brother at KLIA...

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