Thursday, May 14, 2009

2nd Day in Taiwan


I woke up at 0700 hours after rolling on the bed for quite some time. Get a quick hot shower and pack my luggage. Then, I went down to basement to get my breakfast in the hotel. My first impression when I reach there was how come nobody at all? After I tasted the food, it does not taste as nice as what people normally said how good is Taiwan's food. But, another assumption is food in hotel especially low rated hotel is always bad. LOL! Okay, I have to get my luggage and check out already. After meeting with another AIESECer, Zhen Wei at 0815 hours, Chief Executive of the school, Mr. Sun, arrived at 0840 hours to pick me up to 尖石 (literally meaning sharp rock) where my elementary school is located. We reached the school at 0930 hours. The place is very nice with beautiful scenery and cool weather(everyday is Genting, haha). It's known as 尖石 due to a huge sharp rock situated near the river side. It is said to be a 'male' rock and there is another rock opposite it which is 'female'. After getting to know the teachers here, I went to unpack my luggage in my hostel and cleaning up the place. It is a small house, equipped with heater, oven, rice cooker, stove and etc. Nice and simple, that's just like what I need. The distance from my hostel to school is just up a slope with 2 minutes walk. After that, I walked around the school compound to get familiar with the place. Around 1500 hours, when I was about to leave, the students here dragged me to play basketball with them. So, I spent another hour to play and chat with them while motivating them in their studies. One of the students injured his hand while playing basketball with us. I feel bad as I was the one who blocked him that time. 1600 hours, I went back to room and fell asleep immediately. 1800 hours, woke up and reheat my dinner which I packed from school this afternoon. After eating and so, I went back to school office to online and also watch television. Hardworking? haha.. About 2015 hours, one of the female teacher came back and got shocked as she see me right here. She did not know that 張主任 left me a key to enter the office at night. About 20 minutes later, I got tired and went back room to sleep again.

I hope I can upload pictures after this weekend as I will be going to Taipei to join an event organized by other Local Committee(LC) in Taiwan.

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