Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First day in Taiwan


Back from Pulau Bidong, Terengganu last night and stay a night in my roommate - Sharma's room. I woke up at around 0730 hours from my 'bed' (oh yea..I slept in a sleeping bag on my roommate's table..). After wash up and packing my stuff, I am ready to leave. I carried my belongings to the Aminuddin Baki's foyer to wait for my family. Had a very lovely and nicely prepared breakfast, thanks a lot!! Waking up so early to prepare breakfast must be tiring, really appreciate that! After my parents arrival, we bid farewell and I drove to Bunka Kaikan to collect my overseas visitor's pass to Taiwan. Soon after our early lunch at around 1100 hours, we started our journey to KLIA. Fortunately, without any problem we reach KLIA at 1140 hours. After changing my clothes, I checked in and gotten a not-so-nice window seat as it is located besides the plane's wing. I waited at Mc Donald with my Sundae until 1420 hours then we moved on to the waiting hall at H 4. At around 1500 hours, they allowed us to enter the aeroplane and at 1511 hours, the air hostess showing us the emergency procedures, such as life jacket, air-sickness bag and mask. Around 1518 hours, our plane started to depart from KLIA towards Kota Kinabalu's airport for a transit then to Taipei, Taiwan. Right after the seat belt signal went off, our pilot greeted us and announce the current status of the flight. Right at that moment, we are at 2,300 ft above South China Sea and our plane is moving at the speed of 800-850 km/h. It is cloudy all the way and current temperature is 31 degree Celcius. Speaking of cloud, thinking of cloud already. Around 1400 hours, our lunch are served. We have chicken satay or beef satay with fried rice which I chose the latter one, a pudding, orange juice amd 3 Ferrero Rocher in a pack. Oh yea, there is a Spritzer mineral water too. LoL! 1738 hours, we landed at Kota Kinabalu's airport. Called my dad and cloud to surprise them as I did not tell them about the transit. Haha! 1815 hours, we entered the plane again and continue our 3 hours and 20 minutes flight to Taiwan. 1830 hours, we are back to the sky again. 1910 hours, it's our dinner time. We have chicken with white rice or fish with noodles. Well, this time I chose chicken. It comes with a prawn salad as starter, pudding as dessert and also bread with butter. I request for a cup of red wine too, haha. 2120 hours, woke up from a short rest and I can already see Taiwan which is right below me now! The night scenery of Taipei is wonderful, very structured design as we can see the lightings of the streets and highways. 2140 hours, we landed at TaoYuan International Airport, Taipei, Taiwan. We were welcomed by the AIESECers, Darrien and Roger. We took a bus to THSR TaoYuan Station and reached there about 2250 hours. From there to Hsinchu station by this high speed railway(bullet train) only took us 10 minutes. The train facilities are just too complete, there is vending machine, telephone booth, restrooms, After we arrived at 2332 hours, we took a free shuttle bus to National Tsing Hua University(國立清華大學). We reached there about midnight and directly check in in our hotel which we gotta pay NT$ 500 per person as I shared room with the Malaya University EP - Cheng Cheng. Then, we gathered with some AIESECers, chit-chat while eating our supper. About 0140 hours, we are back to our room and get a shower then sleep immediately after a tiring journey from Malaysia.

I will upload the pictures as soon as I gotten a convertor for my laptop charger. Stay tune for the pictures taken!


jayne said...

wow wow wow

welcome to TAIWAN joon hao tham =D

haha sounds like i'm from taiwan ho =P

jaga sendiri baik baik tau! =)

Ng Xin Zhao said...

I'm going to Taiwan too! on 22nd May to 30th May.

Joon Hao said...

jayne- i will de la...haha...

xin zhao- which part of taiwan?

Ng Xin Zhao said...

Taipei, Yilan and Hualien. Going to visit 法鼓山,佛光大学和 Tzu Chi. But I'll be going to Thailand tomorrow then straight to taiwan.