Monday, May 25, 2009

160509 Part II

After we reached 潭水 and walked around, we decided to try out the famous 阿給(Ah Gei) in this shop

Yea...I also saw this Kebab shop there from Turkey.

阿給- The outer look

Inside of it..

My long long and melting super fast green tea ice cream

The natural shop selling fossils, gems, and other natural minerals

Some of the flutes. Saw them in cartoon - Pokemon when I was still young and a great fans of Pokemon.. Haha..

Star'bugs'? Lol!


More streetviews

The Lottery in Taiwan

Pig blood? Yucks..

My dessert for this hot day...

Cute? hehe

What is the old lady doing there?

I feel bad when I see this moment..I was taking pictures but not helping over there..

Lovely couples...


Both Darrien and Cheng Cheng was splashed by the water while on this ferry because of the strong waves.

We have reached 漁人碼頭


The wet Darrien and Cheng Cheng drying themselves under the sun

Dog: Wanna snap me?

Dog: Then I smile lo...:)

Live portraits

Bridge for the couples... Saw few brides and grooms came here for photo shooting... But I am alone here...

I was alone as the two are drying themselves...

Very strong wind..Look at my new hairstyle..

Dogs are very popular in Taiwan...anywhere also can see nice and cute dogs

Another Ah Ma De


Back to 潭水

Darrien said their voice can purify our souls... LOL!!

My dinner..鹵肉飯


Skinny Monkey said...

ur dinner ? enuf ke? look small thou.. hehe...

Joon Hao said...

Memang not enough...but what to money liao...

tehooo said...

not bad mar sai lou~ haha ^^
wei, bring 厚礼 bek har....MUST MUST MUST bring MINE har...

Marcine said...

Green tea ice cream? How did that taste. And that white bridge is lovely.

Joon Hao said...

Wa...I see first la heh...tehooo...takkan buy Teh O back rite..hahaha

yea..taste like Green Tea? hahaha..