Monday, May 25, 2009

160509 Part I

Let's show you some pictures first.. Later there will be blackout from 0830 hours to 1630 hours...These pictures are taken on 16th of May, 2009. I'll talk about it further in my next post after the blackout. :)

7-Eleven and Mos Burger at 陽明山.

The aunty who cooked my early breakfast that day at 陽明山. The toast is great. Her shop name is 龍鳳美而美.

A still sleeping dog with a cute sleeping position. haha.

Sean(Taiwan) and Ah Yao(Darren)

A deco from Starbucks(星巴克)

Starbucks celebrating Dragon Boat Festival(端午節) - which is my lunar birthday!!

Ah Yao

Q: What are they looking?
A: Bus time table...

Shy girl guide looking at me snapping her picture

The morning view of 劍潭(Jian Tan) - near the night market area.

Our group pictures!!

Look at that Starbucks! The whole building 5 floors!! Walao...Cannot tahan...

Some of the food stalls located at 潭水

Stinky Tofu


Public Toilet...


Anonymous said...


loving it!!!

Joon Hao said...

haha..i still remember you la..where are you studying now?

Anonymous said...

Money Making University! (MMU)

those pics make me wanna go taipei!!!