Monday, June 01, 2009

160509 Part III (Night)

After we went to 淡水 with Darrien and Cheng Cheng, we continue our journey to Taipei City to meet up with other AIESECers. Here's some of the night city views.

See that NOVA signboard? It's one of the electrical shop selling all sort of electronic machine. I bought my traveler's adapter here. Well, quite funny thing happened there. I was searching for the adapter and I found it on the 3rd floor if I am not mistaken. The price tag stated NT$ 99. Before I go to the cashier, the salesperson told me if I do not have membership card, it will cost me NT$ 109. Well, I don't mind as I really need it. But, when I went to the cashier, this is what happened.

Cashier: Hi, do you have membership card?
JH: Nope.
Cashier: Okay, if that's all, then NT$ 95 please.

I was like huh? Without membership I even got a cheaper price. Wow!

In the MRT, stalking the kids before they leave the MRT.

Shopping Centre!

Well, I didn't eat here. Should be quite expensive.

The AIESECers from Taiwan, Malaysia and maybe others.


King of Fighter

Pretty Eyes?


One of the Aborigines in Taiwan

Goddess of the Moon

New York New York!!

Statue of LiBEERty

Very huge advertisement by Tiffany & Co.

Bottom view of Taipei 101(Don't understand why the lights are off). I still think Petronas Twin Towers look nicer.


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