Sunday, March 01, 2009

Yo! Sushi

Last Friday, me and my friend from UPM also one of my friend who went to Kagoshima, Japan, together with me were chatting online during my free time. As she is doing her thesis and needed help in completing a numbers of survey form from students from UKM, I decided to give her a helping hand. So, yesterday we went out to Mid Valley(yea..there again...LoL). Well, as I need to replenish all my fast-finishing food stocks, this is a must-to-go trip. So, we go to Mid Valley in the same train but different catridge as I entered the train earlier and was snoozing all the way to Mid Valley. Imagine I am busy with my assignments till late night and that day morning I have early class. But it is lucky that I am able to hear the Mid Valley announcement while I am sleeping. Haha..

This is actually the first hangout with her in KL since I first come to UKM. We decided to collect our movie ticket first from GSC. The process is very fast as I have already paid it online which I would recommend all of you to purchase it via Maybank2u or credit card if you have one there because you can even choose your seats. Darn good and convenient.

The, we decided to go for lunch before the show. We got it in Yo!Sushi at The Gardens, Mid Valley. Let's show you some pictures...

Yo! Chopsticks

My left view...

My right view...

Her Chicken Ramen with Sushi...

And my Beef Udon with Green Tea...

Well, the food is just so-so but if you want to know about the price, it is really not worth it for the serving size(Look at the size of the bowl man)!!

After the meal, we gotta catch our movie - Seven Pounds, starring by Will Smith.

A brief synopsis of this movie is how Ben Thomas(Will Smith) or his actual name Tim Thomas changed life of seven strangers. He observed few people's life and their behaviour, then give them what they needed to survive.
He had donated to
Emily Posa - Heart
Ezra Turner - Eyes
Ben Thomas(his brother's real name) - One of his lungs
Holly - Right half of liver
George Ristuccia - A Kidney
Nicholas (the little boy) - Bone marrow
Connie - A marvelous house in front of the beach

He did all this is because he wanted to repay his life to those who died(7 person including his fiancée) in the accident he caused two years ago. But in order for him to donate whatever it is, he has to make sure they really deserve it. He is actually rich as he is used to be an aeronautical engineer graduated from MIT. Worth watching if you are not blur that day. Haha..

The director of the film used a lot of the Bokeh effects, which is the photography term. Maybe because I am into photography, that's why I kept looking for it in the movie. Maybe... hehe...

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