Tuesday, March 03, 2009

First Pool Session

Well well well..
Yesterday, we, first year of Marine Science, UKM, finally gotten our first pool session!
This first tryout is actually to test how good we are in swimming before we start our scuba lessons.

So, here it goes...(Sorry yea, no pictures this time)

First, we were asked to do some basic 'water-kicking' or you call it flipping, whatever. Most of us are able to move(swim), except those who don't know how to swim at all. Just minority of them anyway. Of course, we were asked to swim to test how well we can swim there. If not, no point going into the pool, right?

Then, En. Shamsul(our Naui Diving Instructor) asked us to hold our breath under the water and see how long we can stay. Starting with 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds and the maximum we can go. As he said, normal people can at least last for 30 seconds. Well, at least I proved that I am normal there. Haha.

Next, skin dive! Which means, we 'swim' underwater without gas tank! This is getting fun. I have been practicing it for a few times in my earlier free time in pool. As you know, our body mechanism will actually float us, not sink us. It is hard if you don't know the method. We have seen many examples there, those who can't sink that well. I am not that good in it either, but a little bit better than amatuers of course. And guess what? En. Shamsul gives us a task - take object from the bottom of the pool which is around 1.8 metres deep. Oh yea, forgot to mention, we were asked to remove our goggles before getting the object. We were like 'What?!?!' because we need to open our eyes in the water, it might be painful. For those who are 'highly' short-sighted, this can be a big problem too. As usual, guys will take the lead. All the guys have no problem in getting the object. Just to share, when I open my eyes in the water, I don't feel pain actually. I just can't see the image clearly as there is duplicated images. I can only judge by looking at the size and the colour of the object which I need to take. For the girls, some can do it, some not. It is getting interesting as we see En. Shamsul just push them down into the water for those who can't sink yet. LoL!

That's all for today! Looking forward to my next pool session, hopefully will be equipped with BCD, tanks, 1st stage, 2nd stage, octopus, mask and fins! That will be darn cool there!! Stay tune!


Johnny Ong said...

great to see u earning yr stripes under naui.

mine's under padi

c_hoay said...

i'm the "highly" short-sighted one.. =.=

Joon Hao said...