Monday, November 01, 2010

A life for a life?

Recently, while reading up the newspapers really made me think a lot.

1. Karak bus crash: S. Muthumani who did not have a valid driving license causes a bus crash which involved 7 deaths and 39 injuries.

2. Suicide bomber in Instanbul: Bomber wounded 32 people during the attack.

3. Gunmen attacking Iraqi church in Baghdad: Detonated 3 bombs in the fight, 19 killed and more wounded during the bloody fight today.

4. Indonesia death toll reaches 300: Result of two disasters happened - Earthquake and Tsunami

5.3,600 of brutality cases against women and children: This is the record of Perak state last year.

Etc, etc, etc...

There are too many cases to be shared and discussed. What's actually the reason behind all these?

Who should be blamed? The driver? The bomber? The Earth? The weapons?

There can be a lot of discussion and debates over these issues. But, all I concern is, will it happen again?

Proper education is the only way to solve all issues. Terrorists feel that they are doing the right thing. But, if they were given a better choice and education, will they bomb themselves?

All the governments from the World should do something and pour more money in education! What is it so important to upgrade iPhone 3Gs to iPhone 4 when poverty happens all around the world? Why do Malaysia needs the 100 storeys Mega Tower for when hundreds of thousand youth couldn't even get tertiary education?

Reflection... Please...

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