Thursday, November 26, 2009

Terrible day..Luckily I am SAFE!

Yesterday, after getting in my beloved Proton Saga, I realized that my rear left tyre is somehow punctured. So, I decided to go to the nearby petrol kiosk to refill air. After refilling air, I continue my journey. But soon after that, I realize that my tyre is getting worse. After picking up my gf's brother, we think that we should change the tyre at the roadside because the condition is very bad. After I parked at the roadside, I saw this condition of my tyre!

Really REALLY damaged!!

Have a closer look here..

I don't know what's wrong with the tyre because before it it was okay. Wonder is it someone's prank on my tyre..

Well..Today sent the car to factory to change a new set of tyres to prevent accidence in the future..And WTH! They checked and said my car got a lot problem. All the repair fee will cost RM 1200 - RM 1300 without the tyres. And NOW I AM SICK..I guess, I am really in a bad luck these days... :(


jayne said...

wow. u'r so lucky wei~!!!

heehee~! happie holiday dude!

Knight said...

wow!! wat a lucky day for you.
I got my tyre puncture last month but it was not like that. just small crack. Yours look like very serious.

Take care of ur own car.. do maintenance work lar.

Change engine oil
Gear oil
radiator coolant
spark plug

tyre and absorber every 2 year.

just some advice :)

all the best k

nana said...

haha.. that looks better than mine.. seriously.. I'll post it up my blog some days later for you to have a look. haha

Jming said...

It is clear that something sharp is has pierce through your tyre.

kheng siang said...

wow! yeng~