Saturday, June 27, 2009

250509 Landslide Awareness Program

Today, we have the landslide awareness program in school. Students from Feng Jia University(If I am not mistaken) came here for the presentation about it.

One of my favourite student. She called me 'Ah Gong'! Lol!!

The Giant Storybook


葉老師 and standard 6 student(just graduated recently)

Biting finger nails!

Looking what?

A demonstration of the flow of rocks and stones during landslide.
From what they said, the bigger rocks will flow on top while the smaller ones at the bottom.
Hmm..Why huh?

Head among the heads

Licking finger? Lol!

Beware of landslide..

葉老師 again!

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Xi said...

Ah gong! you so old meh??....