Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Strip of Your Clothes

A young girl named J is born beautiful, elegant and attractive. Due to the family issue, she is now staying with her uncle in his house. Normally, they wear as casual as we do, like now.

One day, the girl finally felt so unresistable anymore and ask her uncle into her room.
She said, 'Uncle B, now I order you to remove your jacket!' His uncle just follow as she said. After that, she took a deep breath and say, 'Now, remove my tops!'. Well, his uncle just stay cool and follow as she said again.

Next, J with an embarrassed and blushing face said, 'Please remove my bra too...' After pausing for a second, but he really did it! 'Remove my panties too, uncle B' and he taken it down slowly there.

Sigh as J voice out again, 'Uncle B, from now on, I forbid you to wear my clothing anymore! Understand!?!?!?!'

P.s.: For those who thought of something else, you can start thinking on how to repent for your 'creative' mind already :P


pikey said...

HAHAHAHAHA... you nearly got me there!

Joon Hao said...

ahaha..lol...nosebleed? haha

pikey said...

HAHAHA... no la... not to that level yet.

Joon Hao said...

haha..thank goodness...if not i feel sorry towards your blood cells..hahaha

Ashleyteng said...

erm..anyway i don't get the joke.. or.. the meaning behind.. pls clear my doubts

Joon Hao said...

It's about the uncle wearing the clothes of the niece. Get it now?

KarenQ said...