Monday, March 16, 2009

The Last Post of Aquaria

I went THERE!!

Outside only la..Just wondering how come the logo for female toilet is like that.
Don't you feel tired?? Haha..

Okay, back to Aquaria. This is the last post about it already, hope you like the pictures.

My favourite Lion Fish!!

Isn't it beautiful? I like it a lot!

And this totally change my perspective on Malaysian's translation.
Lion aka Ayam in Malay?? What?!! Is this elementary school translation? haha..

One of the ancient fish that exist long long time ago.

Catfish is it?


Here, we reach the feeding time of Piranhas...Darn kanchiong(excited) first..


No mercy!

The pity one...

This is for PPWEN as she went to see horse but not fish. So, I get you seahorses!

The too-free Me..haha

My coursemate-Qing Yue, stole a puppy from the toy shop in KLCC.

Qing Yue and Moon!

My Meal..

The magnificent Petronas Twin Towers - The Pride of Malaysia

The End. So, how was it? Nice? Give me comment!!


TH Chuan said...

Very funny. Lion Fish = Ikan Ayam. :0

Joon Hao said...

Th Chuan,
Yea...find it darn humorous with the translation. Haha

Anonymous said...

the ferriswheel is so special...

Joon Hao said...

yea it is..haha

Carrine said...

nice pictures u got there