Monday, December 22, 2008

Baba & Nyonya

I have visited the Baba & Nyonya Museum at Heeren's Street, Malacca weeks ago. Just wanted to share with you all the pictures taken.

This is the sleeping Buddha's statue which can be found in there. (Sleeping Buddha wrong right?)

This is the close up of the fish sculpture I found there. A bit shaky as I didn't bring my tripod.

The long long ago house is all with this kind of long corridor as their house is really long. So, they normally will have a very large dining place at behind there(for big family)

This is their clothes last time. Of course not as big as the one framed up. But, the design is nice.

This is a mini Victoria House, very tiny in size. I took the close up with my macro lens

Then this is one of the old buildings that you can easily found in Malacca.

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Anonymous said...

think of "little nyonya"...