Sunday, November 09, 2008

Kingdom of Heaven

Well, yesterday I watched one of the movie that I borrowed from UKM's library - Kingdom of Heaven, starring by Orlando Bloom(Balian, in the movie) who is also a member from SGI. This story is about the fought between Christian and Muslim for Jerusalem. One of the sentence that caught my attention was "What man is a man who does not make the world better?". Indeed, we, as the wisest living being on Earth, if we could not make the world better, we are not the wisest living being at all. The world should go better, not the other way. Think of this yourself.

The story started with Balian's wife committed suicide at the same the Balian's father(who is the lord) visited him. His father is on their way to Jerusalem and asked him to follow him. Balian rejected his offer at first. Then, he changed his mind and murdered the priest(who chopped off his wife head and took her cross, what kind of priest he is? I don't know) and decided to follow his father's path. He wanted to clear off his and his wife's sin in Jerusalem, which they believe that.

Things happened, his father dead and he took over his father's position as the Lord. During the war between Salahuddin(the Muslim key person) and Balian(who is protecting the Jerusalem fort after the death of the King and that silly Guy de Lusignan defeat against Salahuddin), many people died. Salahuddin army is outnumbered compared with Balian's but Balian fought with his wisdom and his heart to protect the people of Jerusalem. After a few days of fighting, Salahuddin come out with few terms to request Balian's surrender which he promised Balian's people can be safely return back to their own place. Balian agreed under these terms. Well, one of the funny sentence came out from the bishop of Jerusalem before their negotiation was "Converge to Islam, repent later". This is an act of a coward.

I believe Balian's fight against the Muslim was not to defend his territory but the people inside the fort. To him, defending the city is not for the stone or the Holy place, but is the people. If everyone could think this way, we can save many innocent lives.

He also mention this, "Be without fear on the face of your enemy, be brave and upright the god may love you, speak the truth even it leads to your death, safeguard the helpless." My eternal mentor - Mr. Daisaku Ikeda also said that youth must have courage to strive, roar like the lion's roar. Strive without fear! We must be upright no matter what we are doing. We must make a change to this world, a positive change which is a must! Poverty is making the society goes haywire, robberies, break-in, or even pick-pockets are all because of poverty. If this is solved, world peace is just around the corner.

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Wow, nt bad huh tis story din noe tat u'll watch tis kinda story de wo.

D stupid part bout convert to islam 1st repent ltr reli... haiz, no faith in God.

U so free ke? haha...

Lollipop... Wink*

my ABM... arghhhh!111