Saturday, November 15, 2008

Choose Life

Our life is a journey
Where we want to reach
Who we want to be
Is all decided by us
May choose to strive against boundless obstacles in life
With the heart of a lion
Roar like the lion's roar
You may also choose to go to another path
Shortcuts to achieve your target
Running away from challenges
Doing illegal businesses
But bear in mind
You might ended up entering the wall of misery

"We human beings do have some genuine freedom of choice and therefore some effective control over our own destinies. I am not a determinist. But I also believe that the decisive choice is seldom the latest choice in the series. More often than not, it will turn out to be some choice made relatively far back in the past."
~Arnold Toynbee~


TsuChong said...

The colour contrast between the wall and clouds damn cantik.

Where's this btw?

Joon Hao said...

Pudu jail...interested? haha

sabahking said...

hopefully my life one day is a famous blogger !!

Joon Hao said...

wish you all the best!
Thoughts become things

HeaVen eYe said...

nice pic..

syndy=yee said...

hoo... where u gt tat sentence 'thoughts become things' de a? XD

I saw it in jayne de PM in msn recently de wo... ^^

How was da exhibition a?

Tat day u msn nugde me for wat a?

Happieeee holidays... can hug ur bao zhen dy. wink*

jayne said...

With the heart of a lion

Roar like the lion's roar



=D nice nice

gambateh o!

ah jen =D

Joon Hao said...

its' from my previous post de...

copy my roar ar now??

jayne said...


i use that WORD long long ago liao ho~ -__-

don force me roar at ur face i tell u. boo~~

buahahha =D

syndy=yee said...

C... ppl ai mei again lor...

Joon Hao said...

where got o?