Sunday, March 13, 2011

If I backdate to 2 years back, I am a goner now

Guess what I have encountered after Dato Lee marched into the final in All England Badminton Championship 2011 and during the EPL: Man Utd vs Arsenal 2:0?

I met a snake middle of the night at 2:40am in UKM!

I was driving my girlfriend back to her college, passed through the new route(from new FST building to Zaba) . I saw something long across the road and I thought it is just some fall stems or leaves. As I move nearer to it, I realized I was wrong, very wrong.

The length of the snake is longer than a lane as it covers the whole lane while its body is curly or twisted or bend which ever term that is correct. I can see clearly the diamond shaped pattern on its body. I do not know what species it is, but it is definitely huge.

My car just went passed(on top of it) it as it is too late for me to change to another lane or break. It's just like passing across a hump. After that, we actually wanted to see the snake again, clearly, we made a turn back to the area, but it had left.

If today happened to be 2 years back, when I do not own a car. What will happen to me, I really don't know.

It is my very first encounter with snake in UKM and its size is bigger than the one I encounter in recreational forest in Malacca. Just some advice to people in UKM or any other university, please be careful.

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miss whatever said...

Ewwww.. I'm phobia of snakes. saw one before near dectar, it fell from the tree right next to me!! And its green but its not as huge as the one you saw! So scary man!!