Friday, October 30, 2009

A Tree Planted with My Name?

Wow!! Today received an email from Taiwan, from the executive of the elementary school that I went there as volunteering English and Mathematics teacher. When wanna go to hand up the Oceanography report to Dr. Liew, suddenly rain. No choice, I go to library to take a break there. Without my laptop(my laptop is in my room!), I was using my HTC to check email there and I saw his email with an attachment. I was so excited wondering what attachment it could be... So I quickly requested Gan to borrow me his laptop to check email(in the end facebook a while also la..) So, I open up my gmail account..Oh...It's a picture...But what are they doing, are they planting a tree or something??(thumbnail shown in gmail account)...Due to curiosity, I open the image immediately..


This picture shown up...Ohh....I thought they are planting a tree with my name on it...Haha..Who knows, they are smashing an alcohol bottle which is found in the school compound...Haha..

This picture doesn't mean I am an alcoholic okay?? Just that I drank with the executive before in his house before I left Taiwan...They keep on give me drink...Haha...Okay la..finish of SS here... Stomach hungry already...Dinner!!

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