Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Memories of TSLC

After such a long time not posting anything here, I feel like getting my rusty blog some pictures..And I chose TSLC as my blog theme..These are the pictures taken during the transition camp of their LC when I was about to leave Taiwan. Enjoy!

A night shot when I reach the MRT station and looking for them

When we reach our destination, they asked me to share about my experience there. Then, they gave me this as my souvenir!! I LIKE IT!!

A group photo of us!!

Tom Hung aka Big Bear was **gulping..GULPING**

The Three Musketeers- Darrien, Yoyo and Roger!

Fun TIME!! 3 new committees(Guys) was asked to change their pants behind the blanket in a very short period of time...

When time is UP! TAADDAAA...We drop the blanket..haha!!

Then, we got a passing game...We get an object, move it into his pants...then...they gotta make it "travel" pass his body..each part of it and come out from the other side of the pants...KEKEKE!!

Okay..finish the interesting part..Few shots of my morning session when Darrien and I leave 5 something in the morning to join another trip..Cool!!