Monday, June 15, 2009

Taipei Philharmonic Opera Studio 台北愛樂歌劇坊

Sorry gotta skip some parts of my journey in Taiwan for a while. I went to Taipei Fine Arts Museum and got attracted to this opera. The voice and music is just too wonderful and enjoying to all the listeners.

13/6/09 - Raining

Yeah, it's raining day and this opera is held somewhere outdoor I would say. Part of the sky is viewable from my seat but my seat is totally free from rain. And, I gotten myself a great seat - first row centre seat and it's just in front of the performers. That's just way too great!!

During the rehearsal... Testing voice 1,2,3...

Those who look at us from up there...Peeping at us...

The reflection of the keyboard

Making up...Preparing for the real show at 17:30p.m.

The emcee of the night

Here goes...Our Baritone(男中音) 廖宇盟 with W.A. Mozart:"Hai gia vinta la causa!..." from 'Le Nozze di Figaro'

The conductor and also the keyboard player, 邱君強

Our Soprano(女高音) 郭姿君 and Baritone 林政勳 with W. A. Mozart:"La' ci darem la mano" from 'Don Giovanni'

Tenor(男高音) 黃俊瑋 with G. Donizetti:"Una furtiva lagrima" from 'L 'elisir D'amore'

The conductor without reflection..><|||

G. Donizetti:"Ma de' malvagi invan...Vien Leonora, a' piedi tuoi" from 'La Favorita'

G. Verdi:"Caro nome" from 'Rigoletto'

Then we also have G. Donizetti:"Bella siccome un angelo" from 'Don Pasquale' by 廖宇盟

Soprano 許玉甄 with G. Verdi:"Ah, fors'ѐ lui che l'anima." from 'La Traviata'

Then we have the famous G. Puccini:"O mio babbino caro" from 'Gianni Schicchi' by 郭姿君 followed by G. Verdi:"Il balen del suo sorriso" from 'Il Trovatore' by 林政勳

Lastly, F. Lehar:"Vilja's Lied" from 'Die lustige Witwe'

The Opera Crews!! You Rocks!!

If you are in Taiwan, there will be another performance at Museum of Contemporary Art(當代藝術館), Taipei, this 28th June, 1400 hours and National Concert Hall(國家音樂廳), Taipei, this coming 5th July, 1930 hours. For more info, please visit or call 02-27733691 or international: +886227733691


jhtham said...

Looks like you are putting some really good use of your camera and lenses. Proud of you, my brother. Keep up the good work!

Joon Hao said...

Really? Thanks!! I will..Hehe..