Friday, March 27, 2009

HIV or No HIV??

Terrifying news! I am going to get my HIV blood test. Errr... Don't misunderstand okay? I didn't do whatever you are thinking but it is for my Taiwan trip this coming May! Yup yup! I got the internship overseas already!! Taiwan is waiting for me!!(Congrats me k??) I wonder where can I get the medical checkup? Any ideas? Do let me know if you know okay? Don't be shy, haha...

Yup yup.. I am recovering from my sore throat *cough**cough*. Although now got a bit flu, but I just I will be okay soon. This weekend will go to check and buy my diving equipments. Yea, finally I am going to own my mask, snorkel and fins. Thinking of buying wetsuit at the same time also, but I am afraid I will not have enough money. Saddening...

Here, I would like to share a song which has meaning in my life.

Lyrics | Secondhand Serenade lyrics - Fall For You lyrics


HitoMi^^ said...

Whoa!! HIV test lo

Good luck dude!! You need an underwater camera edi!!

HOw much they are paying you??

must update blog on and off okie!!

Joon Hao said...

Haha..Seriously they asked me to check.. LoL!

They paying for my accomodation and meals only la...

If got internet sure I will update wan.. Hehe..

HitoMi^^ said...

get a mobile broadband and laptop!! we miss you okie!!

Oh yea, i dun have adam's msn also

Joon Hao said...

If I go sure bring along my laptop wan..If not how to upload pictures..hehe

i tot he added you in msn?

kaelyn said...

lol! why la put terrifying news so big font..its not terrifying ok? just a precaution step. ^-^

CONGRATULATIONS!! dun forget to keep snapping if u have time and bring some souvenirs back! :P

It will be a great experience! so envious! Get well soon so you will be able to enjoy the internship! ^-^

The song is soooo loooong time story lor.... hitz and been popular for long time ago slow one ar!

BTW, wanna share HOW MEANINGFUL is it?? hehehhe~!:P
*busybody* wakakak~! :P

get well soon ^-^

Joon Hao said...

Aiya, I have this song long time ago la.Now only wanna share ma.

Of course will snap pictures wan...Hope I can get my medical check up soon and that HIV thingy done. If not also cannot apply Visa...

kaelyn said...

lol!! ok lor.....

Well, get it done quick and you can start packing already! lucky brat! hahha~! ^-^ (i'm messing around with my english now...) lol!

^-^ get well soon lor..^-^