Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY '09 Snapshots

This CNY is quite happening for me...Lots of thing happened, accident and so on. But, the tradition celebration is still on as usual. Every year, we celebrate the first day at my grandmother's house. All the Tham families coming back and gather there together. Then, I also have relatives from maternal side coming over to my house for a small gathering too! Pictures will show everything. Enjoy!

I am sure my cousins and my dear siblings will definitely not forget this scene as we were once under-training by our uncle, Dr. Tham. Haha. Now, it's time for my cute niece...All the best!

We had Yee-Sang from Sushi King together with my maternal side relatives. The Yee Sang is really not bad, fresh Sashimi!

Ox-picious Year with all wonderful greetings for this brand new year!

And, we also didn't forget my dearest brother. We did live videocall while "lao-ing" our Yee Sang. Haha

Yea... I also visited Mr Yong, one of the very best teacher during my secondary education.
By the way, hope your car is getting repair soon and it won't cost you a lot. Take care, Sir!

Well.. This CNY, what I regretted is not being able to join my fellow sixth form mates to go for gathering. Sorry guys/gals, was busy with getting my car repaired. Hope to see you all next time. Happy Chinese New Year to all of you, and all my readers!


jhtham said...

Hi Hao,
Thanks for posting the CNY pictures. I like your rice shot. Nice work there. And keep it up.

Joon Hao said...

No problem. Thanks to you too!